Launch of Antonia Claudie's distribution in France

Antoine d'Albiousse & Antonia Claudie

Antoine d'Albiousse launches the distribution of Antonia Claudie's english brand in France. This young designer offers exceptional, handcrafted and ecological products. Using Peace silk*, vegetable dyes and rusted metal, she has developed a unique range of wall decors, wallpapers and lampshades. The marbling effect combined with the depth of soft colors transforms this 100% ecological silk into an incomparable material. Antoine d'Albiousse was immediately seduced by this contemporary and sustainable collection. 

What is Peace silk?

Silk of Peace is 100% organic silk, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. It comes from a unique process for extracting silk fiber without killing the animal: when the butterflies leave their cocoons, they are treated without the use of harmful chemicals. The fibers are then woven by hand.

The place of nature in Antonia Claudie's life

Antonia Claudie is very close to nature, in fact it's her first inspiration. Originally from Denmark, she adopted an eco-responsible lifestyle as a child. She used to prepare Christmas and Easter decorations using onion and walnut dyes! She embarked on circular design, using natural materials and dyes that she had on hand to recycle. Pieces are made to order, avoiding overproduction. The designer is committed to changing the textile industry by focusing on the quality of her products, rather than quantity, and replacing all pollutants with additional nutrients.

Manufacturing process

The fabrics undergo a long natural dyeing process. Biodegradable dyes are prepared from coffee grounds, onion peelings, avocado pits, madder root, walnut stain, chlorophyll and oak gall. The freshly dyed silk is wrapped around rusty old tubes, which create a superb random marbling effect on the silk. After finishing and complete drying, these silks are laminated on paper according to the customer's projects (wall coverings or lampshades).

A range of wallcoverings and lampshades in organic silks

Wallcoverings, wallpapers and lampshades are available in fourteen colors and four finishes:

  • Silk satin for a deep sheen and smooth finish

  • Silk Doupion, for a more textured look

  • Silk organza, for a matte, luxurious touch

  • Silk velvet, more sophisticated, reserved for lampshades

Each wall covering or lampshade is made to order and adapted to the customer's needs, with an average production time of 3 to 6 weeks.

For a complete product presentation, visit or visit our showroom by appointment.