2023 collection launch by Antoine !

Dear Antoine, why did you launch this new collection?

Our vocation is to offer raw materials, which remind us of a time when we used to weave in a rustic but authentic way, fibers which are very resistant. The new Abbey Road collection strengthens the existing collection. From linen and natural fibers grown in France, we find the aspect of the raw and authentic materials of the past that I love so much.

What inspired you to create this collection?

While spending one of the confinements in an abbey, in this case Cîteaux, in a rather sober world, the idea of finding the spirit of simplicity in a collection came to me. That's why for this collection, the eleven references are named after great French abbeys in homage to these majestic places, for the raw and simple materials that compose them.

What are these fabrics used for?

My new collection is divided in two. There is a part for seats and another for curtains.

  • Cluny, Clairvaux, Vézelay, Tonnerre, Bellefontaine and Sablonceaux will be fabrics particularly adapted for seats. They are distinguishable by their specific texture, a warm and comfortable hand, reassuring to realize resistant armchairs or sofas, in a very current spirit.

What is your favorite fabric of 2023 ?

Abbaye Royale, a faded linen with an absolutely magical suppleness and which benefits from a metallic lamination on the surface which gives it a very textured, metallic side. It is very elegant, without being ostentatious or "m'a tu vu".
This semi-transparent weave, when made into blinds or curtains, lets in a subdued light, warm and beautiful for interiors.

The final word

I let you discover this new collection on our website, hoping that it enchants you as much as I do ! Do not hesitate to contact me or to make an appointment at the showroom so that I can present you our fabrics in more details and share a good moment together ! See you soon.