Let's talk about curtains !

Why do we need curtains in an interior?

Sophie d'Albiousse, head of the Paris showroom Antoine d'Albiousse Editions, answers. At Antoine d'Albiousse, we believe that curtains are a key element in creating a harmonious interior and that they play a major role in your home. Curtains have countless qualities, here are 3 major advantages:

- Comfort: We do not think often enough, but the curtains are an essential tool to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is the essential clap to finish a decor. The curtains are also an easy way to bring a touch of color in your home.

- Games of light: The curtains are the best ally of light. They can hide it, sieve it or sublimate it by bringing depth to the room. Depending on your objectives, you can choose blackout or transparent and / or decorative.

- Customization of the decor: Put a little of yourself in your curtains, bring style to your home whether casual, chic, sophisticated, classic or contemporary, the universe of possibilities is endless!

Some examples of fabrics for different styles:

- Thick or very thick curtains : King Arthur, Brut de Craie

- Velvet curtains : Washed Velvet

- Transparent or very transparent curtains : Ascain

- Plain curtains : Drap de Flandres, Toile de Cocher

- Curtains with patterns : KasimirEiffel

-Natural curtains : Bivouac

- Synthetic curtains (mass distribution) 

- Mat curtains : Caviar

- Glossy curtains : Festival, Poisson d'Argent

- Colored or neutral curtains ? Wide range of colors in the majority of ranges from neutral tones to bright and deep colors.

For each style of curtains a fabric !


Custom-made does not necessarily mean unlimited budget. You can also choose a simple design and stay within a reasonable budget. Choose custom-made curtains and get perfectly adapted to your living environment, your taste and your uses.

Your curtains will also bring you technical advantages!

- Great thermal quality: thick and lined curtains make you save up to 4 degrees!

- Insulating curtains: curtains "breaking the ground" are insulating and cut drafts.

- They greatly limit the acoustic impact by reducing external noise and correct the resonance of your room.

- Ideal tool to structure a room: curtains facilitate a layout or delimit the space.

- Curtains totally change the atmosphere and style of an interior!

To accompany you in your choice of fabrics

- We propose fabrics adapted to your environment according to your tastes and your constraints. We recommend inspiring types of confections.  

- We can recommend the best professional upholsterers and interior designers who will assist you in your projects and suggest the most appropriate finishes.