Decoration, a concept of the art of living

The French Art of Living by Antoine d'Albiousse

The Antoine d'Albiousse style?

The Maison Antoine d'Albiousse is the perfect representation of the French "savoir-faire", both being elegant and timeless. The essence of this company results in the search for the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
Antoine d'Albiousse's art of living embodies accomplished work and an undeniable elegance thanks to the use of defined materials, available in a wide range of colours using traditional dyeing methods.  
Great examples are the Toile de Cocher and the Drap de Flandres made each of 100% cotton and 100% linen. This expertise gives the fabrics an old patinated and authentic aspect. Selected by the greatest decorators and architects, the vibrant fabrics offered by Antoine d'Albiousse perfectly symbolise the French way of living.

What is the Art of Living?

It's a way of thinking and living, the way in which people relate to life and relate to a culture, a set of elements forming a tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
The art of living is embedded in our origins and culture, perpetuating perfection and beauty. In the art of living, beauty takes the form of art, culture, and history. Art of living also entails creativity, visible through decoration or cooking thanks to the variety of colours, shapes, and combinations. The art of living is linked to a particular culture, to a group of individuals who adopt the same codes and values of life.

And the French way...?

The French Art of Living is an association of several elements that take root in the history and culture of France. Our country is symbolised by the love for refined interiors, antique furniture, unique architecture and many more. Those elements are particularly appreciated by the traditional French craftsmen, who intend to convey their knowledge, from generation to generation. Thus, luxury and refinement are two essential elements of the French art of living which imply a gentle way of life.
This tradition embodies the culture of our country: charm, courtesy, character, gastronomy, and elegance. They forge a unique French identity that the Antoine d'Albiousse House strives to sublimate.