Polo Collection Sporting Club

  • Leather Recto

  • Oyster Verso

  • Regent's Park Recto

  • Sun Set Recto

  • Leather Verso

  • Oyster Recto

  • Regent's Park Verso

  • Sun Set Verso

This stripe developed within the Sporting Club collection, is declined in three contemporary colors. It remains nevertheless very classic.
This fabric can be used in curtains as in seats, on contemporary sofas as Louis XVI armchairs.
Boat Race is a 100 % cotton stripe washable at 40°. Provide a 3% shrinkage when washed. We advise you to do a preliminary test.

14,95€ /ml


  • Leather RectoLeather Recto
  • Oyster VersoOyster Verso
  • Regent's Park RectoRegent's Park Recto
  • Sun Set RectoSun Set Recto
  • Leather VersoLeather Verso
  • Oyster RectoOyster Recto
  • Sun Set VersoSun Set Verso

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    • Composition
      100% Co
    • Width
      140 cm
    • Raccord
      12 cm
    • Weight
      400 g/linear meter
    • Year
    • Martindale test
      16 500 T

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    • Maintenance
      g 9 n ) 4
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