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Brut de Craie

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Brut de Craie is a natural linen coated on its front part with a chalky paste in the spirit of a whitewash. A second step is to perform an intense wash to impregnate the fabric and fix the material, deep within the fibers. This is why Brut de Craie really presents on the touch plane a front side and a back side, giving free choice to the user to present one or the other face.
Brute de Craie will offer a wonderful drape for making curtains, it will also be very elegant in seat but we strongly recommend the use of a stain bomb that protects the fabric from dirt due to its matte aspect.

14,95€ /ml


  • BlancBlanc
  • GranitGranit

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  • Composition
    100% Li
  • Width
    140 cm
  • Weight
    1168 g
  • Year
  • Test martindale
    45 000 T
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  • Usage
  • Fabric Care
    T 9 y ) 4
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