With its experience in offering timeless materials to the incomparable fall, in deep color ranges, Antoine d'Albiousse puts its know-how at your service for both your private and public development projects. 

We collaborate with many architects , decorators, designers and specifiers on the most prestigious private and public projects (hotels, restaurants, offices, communities ...) 

Special fabrications

Our team is at your disposal to assist you with your tailor-made, private or public: development of specific materials and / or colors, printing of your own drawing, classic or modern embossings, specific finishes and washes ...

Custom weaving / Printing of your documents

To meet your specific needs and to finalize qualities, finishes and designs that you expect, we will select for you the best professionals the most suitable weaving, printing, dyeing and finishing techniques (traditional or more modern). 

Transposition in Trevira 

Beyond collection fabrics made with Trevira CS fiber (identifiable in the site's search engine ( menu / collection) that meet the specific needs of the most severe fire resistance and have a high resistance to light, air, and abrasion, Antoine d'Albiousse also proposes the transposition of your documents in quality Trevira CS to meet non-fire standards imposed by the hospitality market, institutions and administrations 

• Specific treatments

All tissues of the Antoine d'Albiousse collections can support specific treatments, and meet your craziest requirements! - Fireproof treatment: English standards BS5867 curtains and BS5852 Crib 5 seat, French standards M1 and M2, IMO standards (International M Aritime Organization) FTP Code Part 7,8 & 9 Curtains, Seat and Bedding, American Standards NFPA 701 Test 1 seat. 

Anti-stain, Water repellent and double water repellent treatment 

Anti-mold, anti-bacterial and anti-mite treatment. 

• Modification of an existing drawing or creation of a drawing or a color
from data provided by our customers on our fabrics,
- Ability to match a product to meet the specific criteria of a project.
- Ability to transpose an existing fabric on a non-fire support. 

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